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3D Model 07: 3D-Printable Eccentrically Cycloidal (EC) Drive Model

This is a fully functional model of the recently invented Eccentrically Cycloidal (EC) gear drive. This invention is so new the ink is still not dry on its patents. Print it out and become one of the first few human beings to ever lay hands on this mechanism.

This futuristically looking drive offers a very high gear ratio (1:9 on the model shown here), and is quiet and efficient.

This 3D-printable model is offered as a free download to the general public with the explicit permission of the patent holder. For more information about the EC gear drive, please go to

Click to download these .STL files

Download Link
Size:2.78 MB
Last Updated:2016-12-17


4 Metric Phillips-head M3x12 screws
2 Metric M3 nuts

Assembly Instructions:

Assembly is straightforward. Secure washer and spinner with screws. Connect leg1 and leg2 to stand with two screws and nuts. The legs can be optionally capped with bridge on top (not shown on the photo above, but could be seen in the video below.)

Enjoy your EC gear drive model!

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